1. Jun '11

    SparkleMotion Tutorial

    A while back I put together a library called SparkleMotion that makes it easy to create Mac updates using the Sparkle framework. I finally put together a tutorial video showing how it can be used to streamline updating a Mac app.
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  2. Jan '11

    WoW Status 1.4

    Azeroth isn’t the only thing Deathwing rained fiery destruction on. After the release of Cataclysm our World of Warcraft realm status app also felt Deathwings wrath and stopped working! This was caused by an update to the official realm status website. The update is a great improvement over the previous version, however the update removed the xml data we were using for WoW Status.

    We are pleased to announce that an update to WoW Status has been submitted and is awaiting approval that fixes this issue!
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  3. Oct '10

    Zipping up Directories with Symlinks in Python

    I wrote this function for a larger project to zip up applications for Sparkle. At some point I’ll get around to open sourcing the entire module but for now I figured I’d share the code for zipping up a directory. The reason I want to share it is it turned out to be harder to zip up a directory, especially one with symlinks.
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  4. Dec '09

    PyGlang 1.0

    PyGlang is a python package for translating text with the Google Translation API Read more »

  5. Dec '09


    InScopeLib now features the start of a NSString category for adding python style functionality to objective-c strings.

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  6. Apr '09

    JPEG Support in PIL

    Been working on the django side of the site and needed to install PIL. But after I built it I released that it doesn’t come with JPEG support :( Read more »