1. Jun '11

    EyeTunes 1.5

    I spent a couple hours over the last couple of days wrapping up some things in the EyeTunes project I’ve been meaning to get to. This involved merging in some forks, reorganizing the project and updating it for Xcode 4 and OSX 10.6 so it’s fully compliant with the AppStore, which has gotten stricter about framework architectures. I also wrote a python script I’ve been meaning to get to ever since I wrote a post about updating EyeTunes. This post is now obsolete because the python script does everything necessary to generate the sdef and header files from iTunes!
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  2. Jun '11

    The move to GitHub

    I’ve been using GitHub for 10 months and love it! Last night I finally transfered all of my bitbucket projects over to GitHub.

    The transistion was easy with the help of this blog post from WebOnRails.

    I manually transfered the issues over too. There might be an automated way to do this but I didn’t have that many issues on my projects. Except for InAppSettings but it was a good excuse to go through all the issues and condense them.

    I’ve deleted all the projects from bitbucket except InAppSettings. I want to keep the original issues around for a while. There are also a couple patches/forks queued up that need to be reviewed and merged. The repository will be removed once the project gets going again, to avoid confusion.

  3. Jun '11

    SparkleMotion Tutorial

    A while back I put together a library called SparkleMotion that makes it easy to create Mac updates using the Sparkle framework. I finally put together a tutorial video showing how it can be used to streamline updating a Mac app.
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  4. May '11

    Smart Objects for Multi-Resolution Icons

    I just finished watching the updated content from Icon Resource. In it Sebastiaan used smart objects, which I’d never used before so I decided to give ‘em a shot for this icon and I can’t live without them now!
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  5. Mar '11

    ChopShop 2.0 Finally on the App Store!

    It’s taken longer then expected but ChopShop 2.0 is finally on the App Store!

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  6. Feb '11

    Dribbble – Prospect Portfolio

    Edit: 2 hours after posting this @badeen tweeted about it and @jgarnham drafted me! This is a dream come true! Thanks guys, follow both of them!

    I’ve been browsing Dribbble for a while, and even developed Coaches Loupe! However I’m unable to post on Dribbble because I don’t have an account and it’s invite only. I’m relatively new to the design game but I think I have a lot to offer so I’ve put together a “prospect portfolio”!

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