1. ChopShop

    OSX App

    Making icons easy!

    ChopShop makes it easy to create icons for iOS, Mac, and Safari. It ships with template images for each of these platforms. These images contain unique identifiers that allow ChopShop to automatically recognize the template, just open the template image in ChopShop and your ready to start exporting icons!

    1. Mac App Icons

      The Mac App Icon template can be used to export the multi-resolution .icns file used by Mac Apps.

    2. iOS App Icons

      The iOS App Icon template can be used to export all 7 of the iOS icons introduced in iOS 4. Add these files to your project and they will automatically be used in the correct places!

    3. Safari Extensions

      The Safari Extension template can be used to export all the icons needed for a Safari extension, and a screenshot at the required size.

    4. Preferences

      ChopShop has several preferences allowing you to customize how you use it.

    ChopShop currently supports reading PNG and Photoshop files, and can export PNG and ICNS files. Other image formats can be supported, but for the current templates these seemed like a good start.

  2. RockStar

    OSX App

    Rate tracks without distraction.

    RockStar is a status bar app that makes it easy to see information about the current track, change the rating, and enable or disable it without having to open the iTunes window, allowing you to stay focused on your work.

    1. Status Bar

      RockStar is a status bar app that displays the rating of the currently playing iTunes track. Whenever the track or the rating changes RockStar updates the menu so at a glance you can know the rating of the current track.

    2. Track Info

      Clicking on the RockStar status bar shows a beautiful heads up display with information about the current track. The album artwork, song name, album and artist are displayed along with the rating, which can be changed by clicking on the large stars in this view.

    3. Devices

      RockStar can change the rating of tracks from your library or devices that are plugged in like an iPad, iPhone or iPod. Make sure to eject the device before unplugging it so iTunes can sync the changes back to the device's library.

    4. Controls

      RockStar makes it easy to rate tracks in your iTunes library, it also provides controls for skipping to the next and previous tracks and playing and pausing the current track. All of this is done so the iTunes window can be hidden freeing up screen space while still providing the essential controls for iTunes through RockStar.

  3. ShellTo

    OSX App

    ShellTo opens Terminal, iTerm, iTerm2, or xterm to the current directory in Finder.

    1. Consoles

      ShellTo works with Terminal, iTerm, iTerm2 and xterm.

    Due to changes in Lion's Finder ShellTo has been converted into a menu bar app. It has the same functionality, and is even faster at launching shells because it's always running!
  4. CopyPath

    OSX App

    CopyPath is a simple app that helps in a big way, by taking the hassle out of copying file paths to the clipboard.

    CopyPath is a simple app that helps in a big way, by taking the hassle out of copying file paths to the clipboard.

    CopyPath makes it easy to copy the full paths or file and directory names of the selected items, the frontmost Finder window, or the desktop.

    CopyPath uses Growl to notify you when paths have been copied.

    Due to changes in Lion's Finder CopyPath has been converted into a menu bar app. It has the same functionality, and can now even copy file paths from the desktop!
  5. PathBar

    OSX App

    PathBar modifies paths in your clipboard, making it easy to change them for any situation!

    PathBar is ideal for people who work in mixed environments of Macs and PCs. Never again will you struggle with opening a Windows formatted path :)

    1. Slashes

      Paths can be converted to the following formats: Posix(Forward slashes), Windows(Backslashes), and URL(file://).

    2. Reveal in Finder

      PathBar also makes it easy to reveal paths from the clipboard in Finder. There is no need to convert before hand, PathBar will use posix formatted paths to find the files and directories without modifying the clipboard.

  6. ImageViewPlus

    Safari Extension

    ImageViewPlus is a Safari Extension that adds style to Safari's image view page.

    1. Style

      Browsers are so advanced now, but they all have an ugly image viewer. The image is squished up in the corner with a boring white background. So we decided to do something about it for our favorite browser Safari! ImageViewPlus centers the image horizontally and vertically. It also adds a nice drop shadow to the image and sets the background to a shade of gray that accentuates colors.

    2. Transparency

      Being web/interface designers we deal with transparent images a lot, so we added the classic checkerboard pattern to ImageViewPlus. If an image has an alpha the checkerboard will show through in the transparent parts.

    ImageViewPlus is distributed under the MIT License.
  7. Rededit

    Safari Extension

    Rededit is a Safari Extension that adds features to the Reddit website, and an extension bar which provides Reddit information about the active webpage.

    Rededit is still in alpha, features may be missing or broken.
    1. Extension Bar

      The extension bar displays information from Reddit about the current website. Stories can be submitted to Reddit multiple times, by default the bar shows you the story with the most upboats. You can cycle through the stories by clicking on "# of #".

    2. Image Expando

      This modifies the Reddit website by adding expando buttons for images. Reddit already has expando buttons for self posts and videos. The Image Expando button makes it easy to see the linked image without leaving Reddit.

    3. Images in Comments

      This modifies the Reddit website by finding links to images in comments and displaying the image in-line.

      WARNING: there are no tags for NSFW image links in comments :)
    Rededit is distributed under the MIT License.
  8. InAppSettings


    InAppSettings is an open source library for the iPhone and iPad that provides the same settings in the Settings app and in your app.

    1. Settings

      InAppSettings is based on the same Settings.bundle used by the Settings app. With InAppSettings you can display the same settings in your app and in the Settings app simply by making a Settings.bundle.

    2. Flexibility

      InAppSettings makes it easy to add settings to your app in the way that fits your app best. You can use InAppSettings in a tab view, navigation view or as a modal view.

    3. Retina Display

      InAppSettings supports the retina display and ships with a retina display compatible settings icon.

    InAppSettings is distributed under the MIT License.